Appeals and disputes

The Building Appeals Board (BAB) hears appeals and disputes in cases where doubt, disagreement or dissatisfaction arises around aspects of a building project. Appeals and disputes may relate to sections under the Building Act 1993 or the Building Regulations 2018.

Applicants must supply a written submission outlining the nature, reason and desired outcome of their dispute or appeal. They also need to submit the relevant application form, supporting documentation and an application fee. Find out how much an appeal or dispute application will cost.

Appeals and disputes are generally heard by a panel of three Board members on Thursday mornings. The hearings are open to the public. Determinations are usually made within 16 weeks of receipt of a properly completed application.


Someone working on a building project who is dissatisfied with an authority's decision under the Building Act 1993 may apply to the BAB to have the decision reviewed.

An authority is a person or body with the power to decide certain matters under the Act. Authorities can include municipal councils, building surveyors, or the Victorian Building Authority. In making an appeal determination, the BAB may consider information not provided to the original decision maker.

In situations where a quick outcome is desired, a fast track application can be made. We will begin processing a fast track appeal within two days of receiving the application. These will incur additional fees and charges. Please note that fast track applications are only granted in exceptional circumstances.

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When parties involved with, or affected by, a building project can't come to an agreement regarding building regulations under the Building Act 1993, they can refer the matter to the BAB. The BAB hears disputes about the applicability of regulations, adjoining property work and inspections.

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