How BAB staff can help you

Our purpose

The Building Appeals Board (BAB) is an independent statutory body established under the Building Act 1993. The BAB makes determinations about building control matters and seeks the best possible outcomes for the Victorian building industry and the community as a whole, in accordance with the Act.

What to expect when you contact the BAB

BAB staff can provide:

  • answers to your queries about whether the BAB can assist with your appeal or modification application
  • information about BAB procedures and processes
  • general information about BAB forms, fees and sources of further information
  • contact details for other organisations that may be able to assist you
  • organise an interpreter if requested

BAB staff cannot:

  • give legal advice, including advice about bringing a case before the BAB
  • advise on the possible outcome of a matter
  • recommend a lawyer or agent to act on a person's behalf
  • assist you to complete BAB forms
  • tell a person what to say during a BAB hearing
  • arrange a meeting with BAB panel members before or after a hearing
  • explain why the BAB panel made a certain decision
  • provide confidential case information
  • guarantee an interpreter on the day of a hearing if not previously notified

Our aims when you contact us

We aim to:

  • respond to your enquiry promptly
  • greet you in a polite and courteous way
  • deal with your enquiry professionally
  • provide you with clear and accurate information

How you can help us provide high quality service

To assist us provide high quality service to you we ask that you:

  • provide us with complete and accurate information
  • comply with any directions or orders that are issued about your appeal, dispute or modification application
  • treat staff, members and other parties with respect and courtesy
  • understand that we cannot give you legal advice about your case, what to say in your hearing or speak to a member on your behalf
  • notify us when you make your application or receive a notice of application if you require an interpreter